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Lessons from a French Press

I was cleaning a french press (a small carafe that steeps coffee) the other day and said, "This is a lot of work for a cup of coffee", but when I thought about it, it wasn't just another cup of coffee. It was a really good cup of coffee. Something different happens with a french press that makes it tastes superior to drip coffee. Was I just being lazy?

In your business, sometimes it takes that extra effort to get great results, to build your business and to market yourself.

Are you lazy? If not, are you putting in the extra effort needed? Are you doing those things that no one else is willing to do to create your competitive advantage?

If not you, then who?

Spread the Secret

Have you ever run across great service, great food or a real find at a hole-in-the-wall restaurant? It makes you want to tell someone. For me, this weekend at the Coupeville farmers market, it was a BBQ smoked tri-tip sandwich with an amazing BBQ sauce. My mouth began to water as my peripheral vision caught a glimpse of glistening moist and saucy meat overflowing on a bun. I had passed this booth many times before but never stopped and bought anything. Oooh-what a mistake.

When was the last time you spread the word about a business that you loved, had a great experience at or received outstanding service? Think of 5 businesses today and tell 10 people or more about them.

When was the last time someone shared something fantastic about your business to someone else? Are you providing products or services that are worth talking about? If not, how or what can you change so that your customers have something to share with others.

If people are spreading the word about your business, when was the last time you shared the secrets to your success with others who may need help?

If you have the time, stop by the Coupeville farmers market (on Whidbey Island,WA) on Saturdays from 10 to 2 and follow your nose. Your taste buds will not be disappointed!

Lights Out

An interesting thing happens when the power goes out at night. A stillness blankets your home and community and the world comes to a rest. The busyness of the TV, computers and house phone becomes silent. It's amazing to see how attached we have become to the things that enable us to be more efficient yet also control our lives.

Our biggest fear becomes wondering if our food will spoil. The opportunity to really spend quality time together by connecting and actually talking to one another without distractions is overshadowed by the lack of electricity to the refrigerator. Food is important but if we looked closer, how much could have been tossed out months ago? How much of the food has passed it's expiration date? Is it really worth our energy to focus on something we cannot change?

How often do you find that your focus is on things that don't really matter, things that have no real value, that just keep us busy and do not increase our connection to others, our vision or our source of divine presence? How often do we focus on things that do not provide real value or things we cannot change?

Are the things that consume your time providing real value to your business and life? Real value gives you something to talk about when the lights go out!

The Power of Catching ZZZZ

Napping has been a long tradition in many cultures. A power nap is a short 18 to 25 minute period that maximizes the benefit of sleep. Research has indicated that a short 20 minute nap can improve memory, reverse information overload and is refreshing.

What if you had the ability to 'power nap' one part of your business (biz-nap), what would that be? Potential areas may be places that are becoming stagnant, fear based or a struggle. Possible outcomes may be a refreshed perspective, inspiration, ease, new ideas and high performance.

You may be working with a difficult client and are struggling. Take a short Biz-Nap from the process. This gives you a temporary break that allows you to look at the situation from a different perspective. During this time, you may be able to look at the situation from an outsiders view point of view or choose to not focus on it at all.

How could you use a biz-nap to enhance your business?