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Are you HAPPY?

Are you HAPPY? A simple "yes' or "no" answer to a powerful question that determines your quality of life. If your answer to the question is not a shout out loud YES, has to be explained or you need time to decide, it's time to refresh you dreams and vision.

Here are 8 steps to jump start your next big dream.

1.     Create a vision.
Where do you want to be? Create the biggest, most audacious vision you can think of and make it juicy. Make it dripping juicy so that you can sense, feel and experience all the emotions that go along with experiencing your dream.

Without a vision, we let our circumstances create our life. With a vision, we create our circumstances. In a business, a shared vision allows all the team players to know where the company is headed and what their future holds. Without this, life for the team becomes routine and a day-to-day experience.

2.     Incorporate all parts of your life.
When creating a fabulous business vision, imagine how other aspects of your life will be incorporated. As an example, if you have children, a spouse or partner, how do you see them in this jaw-dropping life you are creating?

3.     Write it down - Legitimize yourself!
Pick a time where you will not be interrupted. Turn on your favorite music (or not) and write down an unedited, ultimate, juicy, sensual and moving description of your vision. Remember, it is for this point of time in your life, and you can change it in the future.

4.     Incorporate what motivates you.
If you are inspired by a quote, a picture or article, keep that with your written vision.
5.     Chunk it down.
A lot of great ideas, leading edge technology and magnificent companies were never created because the dream was so big, the creator did not know how to manage it. Trying to jump from concept to realization is like trying to light a big log in the fireplace with a match. I invite you to start with the kindling. Break down your vision into smaller and more manageable pieces. What is your kindling?

6.     Create your road map.
Using your internal GPS and knowledge, plan how you are going to get to where you would like to be. Seek out advice. Get involved in groups and events in your field of interest. Some people like to use the intention and manifestation process and let things happen organically. Some like to write a plan. Remember that your plan doesn’t have to be 50-100 pages. It could be one or two pages or whatever serves you.

7.     Do something, anything!
Everyday do something that works on getting you closer to your vision. Some things may seem small but they may turn into big, brilliant fires that will ignite your passion. Start your day fueling your passion.

8.     Acknowledge your progress.
Don’t let the bumps in the road define who you are. Keep moving forward. I can bet that right now, you are already doing things towards your vision. Take the time to acknowledge yourself for things that you are doing every day towards your vision.

A former milkshake machine salesman, Ray Kroc saw the potential to sell more mixers with every new restaurant that opened. At the age of 59, Ray purchased a company that we know today as McDonalds. The rest is history.

Harland Sanders, at the age of 65, found himself penniless. He went on the road to sell his chicken to restaurants trying to get them to buy his seasoning packets. Legend has it that there were 1009 no’s before he heard his first yes.

It’s never too late. You can accomplish anything you want in life and at any age. You are the Source!

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Rapping in Business?

Creating a culture in your business or work environment that allows individuals to thrive adds to the company's distinctive value and bottom line. As a leader, are you trying to mold your up and coming leaders or develop them from their individuality?

Here is a great example of Southwest Airlines allowing individuals to thrive:

Southwest Airlines Leads the Way!

The New Currency

What if your compensation was based on the quantity and quality of your optimism, inspiration, and acknowledgment of the people you lead? How would your pay change?

Vary your approach to your leadership style to remain progressive, in-touch and fresh.

Inspired Leadership

Inspired leadership starts with individual integrity. Take an inventory of your thoughts and actions to see if they are congruent with your highest values. Ask yourself, "Am I being the best example of what I expect in others?"

False Sense of Security

Hikers often take cell phones for safety purposes in case of emergencies. Experts say that many hikers who take cell phones think that they are safe in the event something happens because they can call for help.

Having a cell phone for emergency purposes is a good thing. However, the cell phone cannot replace proper training, common sense, survival skills, first aid knowledge, proper gear and clothing or knowing your limits and skill level.

Is there something that you rely on as a "False Sense of Security" in your business or life?

One Size Fits All

Does one size really fit all? Have you ever tried on a "one size fits all" article of clothing and found that it just doesn't work for you?

Think about the service you provide or your business strategy. A "one size fits all" approach is the lazy attempt to capture everything or everyone at once. People like choices! They want to be in control and when you provide options for them to make the decisions, it empowers them. The more empowerment a customer, potential customer or team member has, the greater the chances of them buying into your distinctive value that you have to offer.

The Dynamics of Yin-Yang

It's interesting how the effects of Yin-Yang work on your ego and the world. Think about the following:

When you want it to stop raining, someone in the world is praying for water.
When you complain about a meal at a restaurant, there is someone in the world that would be happy to take your place just to have food.
When you complain about your spouse, significant other or partner, there is someone waiting to experience the love they have to offer.
When you have a customer that you would like to drop, others would just like to have more business.

Imagine how the Yin-Yang effect would work for you if you lived a life of love and gratitude? How would your personal and professional life change?

The Flip Side

I recently received a cassette tape in the mail and decided to listen to it. After playing the tape, I thought it was it was a little short. The next day I realized that I forgot to flip the tape to listen to the other side. It had been so long since the last time I listened to a cassette tape. The technological advances of electronics with CD'S and DVD'S makes it convenient with little or no intervention needed from the listener.

How often have you let the modern conveniences of email, cell phone and texting, prevent you from understanding what the person is really trying to convey?

Take the time to find out what is on the flip side!

Fresh Eggs

I recently had an opportunity to buy farm fresh eggs. Not just eggs from a carton that claim to have fresh eggs but actually from the farm itself. The eggs were laid hours before we picked them up.

The eggs had a sunset orange to the yolks and I realized after eating one that this was my new definition of fresh. My previous knowledge of a fresh egg was determined by the expiration date on the carton. The eggs had pale yellow yolks. Because this was the only experience I had with eggs, this was my reality and not knowing any better, I didn't realize what I was missing all along.

Think about this for your business and life. What is waiting for you beyond your current perception? If you looked a little further, tried a little harder, searched for more meaning or were open to a new definition, what would you discover?

Heads Up

It's easy to get caught up in the day to day activities of your business and life. Your head is buried in your work and your time is consumed by those who need your support.

Take the time to lift your head up and look towards the horizon at where you want to be. Encourage those you manage to do the same. It's a lot easier to adjust your path and correct things as you move along.

Determine what is really important and meaningful and let that be your guide!