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The Truth Always Prevails

Integrity is when your actions are congruent with your words, thoughts and values. It's easy to spot the obvious when people are not demonstrating what they say they are going to do or are not a reflection of the values they say they embody.

What about the not so obvious? What about living a life for others and not living your ideal life, vision or values?

At what point do you live in integrity first and foremost, trust in yourself and your source of divine presence that you will always be supported? In order to be the best parent, leader, spouse or provider, bringing who you are to what you do is of the utmost importance. That is living in integrity.

Deer Dreams,

Deer are amazing animals. When they see something they want to eat, they find ways to get to it. They can jump over obstacles from a standing position to over 6 feet high, pick berries from bushes filled with thorns and eat leaves off a plant leaving only the stems in place. They are intuitive and persistent.

You have the same tenacity to realize your vision! It is within you right now to live your dreams. Find ways to make it happen. Look for solutions. Find every reason 'why' you can make it happen.

You ARE brilliant; You ARE powerful; You ARE what you think you are!

The Intuition Alarm

Have you ever gotten up before your alarm clock has gone off? Have you ever gotten up on your days off at the same time you normally would get up when you are working? When you set your intention to get up at a certain time, most people will usually get up close to that time. However, even with that knowing, just to be extra sure, people will still set their alarms and not trust their internal clocks.

The same holds true for our intuition. Have you had times when your intuition told you what direction to take, notified you that your body needed a certain type of food or led you to a path of opportunity, but you decided not to take any action? It's easy to have hind sight and say, "I knew I should have......".

Intuition, like listening, is an amazing skill to master. Developing this skill and trusting in yourself can support you in leading the most amazing life.

Are you willing to live the most amazing life?

Here is a video of how powerful intuition can be.

A Mothers Intuition