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May I Help You?

I recently visited a store where I had made a significant purchase in 2004. I was shocked to see the difference in customer service. Thinking it might have been an off day, I went back again and had the same experience, obviously, not a good one. As I looked at the merchandise and even initiated a "hi" to the salesman, I was never asked the question, "May I help you?" This happened on both occasions.

I am not sure what their new branding strategy or sales approach might be but it really didn't matter. My experience became my reality. I wondered if this company's success has negated their efforts of connecting with the customers.

Check in with your business, core leadership team and customer service group to see if your emphasis on customer service remains the utmost importance to your organization.You never know who may be your biggest supporter.

Defining Success

Have you defined 'Success'  lately? As you grow and change, so does your definition of success. What does success means to you at this moment? If you do not redefine what success means to you, others will. Unconsciously you may begin to follow what others believe success is and you mold your life around their definition of success rather then your own.

Take the time to define success in all areas of your life: Primary Relationship, Financial, Physical well being, Spirituality, Physical Surroundings, Extreme Self Care, Relationships, Self Development, Profession etc.

Defining success on your terms brings out the best in your role as the leader in your life and business.