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Om and The Leaf Blower Meditation

Meditation is an interesting discipline. To sit and be able to have an empty mind challenges our ego to release control for the moment. It's easier to practice meditation if you're in an environment that's conducive to a state of nothingness. A quiet, calm and peaceful environment facilitates deeper states of meditation quicker.

Imagine that you are meditating. The birds are chirping, you are breathing the fresh morning air deeply, and getting in the zone. Then, your neighbor starts their gas powered leaf blower and continues for half an hour. Doesn't this distraction become the real practice?

We cannot control peoples personalities, a business partnership that has gone bad, a relationship that no longer is working or acts of nature. We can only choose how we react to those situations. All the self improvement and spiritual books you have read only become valid when you put into practice what you have learned.

Shall I start the leaf blower?

The Mini-Bat

One of the first cell phones that came out was a Motorola Dyna-Tac 8000. It was introduced in 1984, weighed 2 pounds and cost about $4,000.00. I called it the 'mini-bat'. In terms of time, it was not too long ago since it's inception. Since then, the evolution of technology and pricing has dramatically changed the way we communicate. Today we have compact phones that are mini-computers.

If you saw someone using a Motorola Dyna-Tac 8000 today, you may think that person is pretty cool (if used as a marketing tool) or they are still living in the dark ages. Either way you form an opinion and impression of them.

Are your methods, systems and thoughts up to date with the expectations of your ideal client, customer or patient? Are the efforts that you are putting into your business, helping to bring you closer to your ideal vision? When was the last time you invested in yourself and your business by taking a class, workshop or training?

Take a look at your business and yourself and determine if you are as progressive as you need to be. Sometimes what we do behind the scenes is not as easily noticed by others or our complacent self, so there is no motivation to change....until one day we realize that the phone that is in our hand is a mini-bat!

Which phone represents your business?

The Wedgie Factor

In his acceptance speech for the Golden Globe awards, Ryan Murphy, co-creator and producer of the hit show, Glee, dedicated his award to all those who ever got a wedgie. He explained on Oprah that he wanted to create a show with unknown actors that was optimistic and upbeat. He wanted the show to be about celebrating the difference in everyone. He went on to explain that in our youth, we try to hide our differences and want to fit in. As we grow older, our uniqueness becomes our best asset.

The message - You don't have to be in the limelight. If you be yourself, celebrate your uniqueness, maintain an optimistic and upbeat attitude and create something that lifts the spirits of others, you too will become a phenomenon!

No virus required.

Mirror Mirror

How many times a day do you look in the mirror?
When was the last time you looked yourself in the eyes and acknowledged yourself for all that you do?

* For being a great parent.
* For being a wonderful spouse or partner.
* For being a loving son, daughter, nephew or niece.
* For being a magnificent provider.
* For being a giving person.
* For trying to balance all the activities in your life.
* For accepting who you are right now.
* For being grateful for the business you have right now.
* For knowing that the answers you need are within you.
* For being a forgiving person.
* For accepting where you are in your life.
* For helping others to succeed unconditionally.
* Add more acknowledgments here.

Take the time to recognize the gift you are to this world and your uniqueness. There is no one like you in this world - You are perfect!

Recreating The Box

I often hear people say to others, "think outside the box" in their efforts to have them be more creative. In my mind, if you have to think outside the box, then something is wrong with the box.

If you were having problems in your marriage, would you look outside your marriage for happiness? That would be considered an affair and you would not be acknowledged for your creativity. You would probably want to work on your marriage and if you tried everything possible and it didn't work out, then you would want to make a change.

What if your box was so inviting, inspiring and motivating with endless possibilities? How could you tweak, change or modify your thinking so that the world of infinite possibilities becomes your box?

Panning for Gold

There was an interesting story on the news about a girl who wrote a blog about the city she lived in. She decided that she would write everyday and look for all the good things about the city. At the end of the year she noticed that her outlook was a lot more positive.

How would your world change if you blogged about all the positives in your business and life?

The Social Network Disguise

Online social networking has bombarded the lives and minds of many people. Some have connected to long lost friends, families and classmates. Others have made new business connections and have been able to benefit from the ability to reach the masses without leaving their computer. Some are addicted.

The rapid pace at which new sites pop up is phenomenal. Remember when My Space was the flavor of the day? By the time you set up your social networking and learn how to use all the functionality, the so called next latest and greatest (have to be a part of) is on the market. It's like having social networking back seat drivers with so many people and articles that claim, 'this is the one'.

Is social networking working for you? Does it allow less vulnerability and reduce fear? Are you consumed by it? Has it replaced your person to person contact?

Use the value that social networking has to your advantage as long as it fits into your business vision and plan. Don't let social networking seduce you into being it's lover.

Oohs and Aahs

I had the pleasure to witness the orca whales passing through Coupeville, WA this past Monday. Crowds gathered as quickly as the whales arrived. The baby orca put on a show, jumping repeatably. The crowd oohed and aahed! As quickly as they came, the whales moved on dissipating the crowds.

In a sense, the crowd almost seemed envious of the playful nature of the baby whale. As the whales left so did the smiles and vibrancy of the spectators as they returned to work.

When we are fascinated at what we do, we naturally ooh and aah at ourselves. How fascinated are you?


Consider Pet Rock.

In 1975, Gary Dahl, came up with the idea after listening to his friends grumble about their pets in a bar. The phenomenal fad was 1% product and 99% Marketing. The rock took the place of the pet and it came in a cardboard box carrier with holes and hay.

Simple - Rock in a box- no eyes, no mouth, no ears, just a rock.
Idea - Created from an observation of friends in a bar.
Marketing - A no fuss pet that was easy to care for. It came with a 32 page booklet that came with the rock on how to care for and train it. How funny!
End result - Gary Dahl became a millionaire in six months.

It would be absurd to compare yourself or business to a Pet Rock. But what can we learn from it?

How can you simplify your message and process so that it is clear and easy to understand? Are your ideas authentic or contrived? Are 99% of your marketing efforts promoting you as a person before the product or service you sell? How does your product or service stand out in the crowd?

There were a lot of rocks out there in 1975, but only one came in a pet carrier with instructions!

Feeling Lucky?

When was the last time you felt lucky?

Terry Fator, a ventriloquist,  was the 2007 winner of America's Got Talent. He eventually signed a Las Vegas show contract worth $100,000,000.00. (yes, one hundred million, it's not a typo). Many people in their congratulations expressed how lucky he was to have won, claiming it's like winning the lottery. He responded by saying that it was not luck. Luck is when you go out and buy a lottery ticket. He had prepared for that moment for 33 years.

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity - Seneca- Roman philosopher

Are you prepared for the opportunities in front of you? Instead of comparing yourself to someone who is lucky and successful, look at how you can be better at what you do. Opportunities are available every day.

Preparation is a journey until is crosses the road of opportunity.

Don't let luck pass you by!

The Mirrored Leader

It's always easier to take someone who is talented and make them better. It takes a leader to inspire someone who doesn't know their true potential to help manifest it.

Would you rather hire someone who was ready, willing and able with potential or someone who is talented and lazy? Which one best describes You?

It's easy and convenient to use the economy, your employer and others as an excuse for not thriving. Thriving is like success- everyone defines it differently. Therefore, there are no excuses for not thriving since you define and create it on your own terms.

Have you faced your true potential?

Depth Perception

It's easy to find empathy when we see someone who has a disability, a homeless child on TV or an animal suffering from mistreatment. What about the people you pass on the street, your customers or someone on the other end of the phone - those you have no obvious visual clues to draw from? Everyone has a story waiting to be told.

One of the greatest challenges for the business owner is to validate the irate customer's story without it being told.

You can create an environment that's conducive to validation by letting people 'hang out' and not have to defend their story. Whether your business is bricks-and-mortar, an online business or home-based, creating distinctive value is of the utmost importance for repeat business.

Borders Book Stores took the signs at other stores to heart that read 'Do not read the books  and magazines' and created an atmosphere that allows people to explore at their leisure. created a convenient similar online experience. Starbucks changed the retail/restaurant mentality of getting people in and out quickly by letting their customers bask in their experience.

What are your distinctive values?

A Soft Rock Strategy

It takes millions of years for sediment to turn into rock. We benefit by seeing the end result of the transformation (diagenesis) of soft sediment to hard stone. We get to skip a million plus years and go straight to the end results.

In our business marketing efforts, we "plant seeds" hoping that some will sprout and turn into viable leads and eventually business. Obviously, some grow and some do not. Before planting the seeds, how often do you walk through the process and picture the end result before planting them? Having a clear and compelling strategy saves time, money and effort.

Understanding the needs of your target market and what it will take to be of service, upfront, will save you wasted time planting the wrong seeds.