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Om and The Leaf Blower Meditation

Meditation is an interesting discipline. To sit and be able to have an empty mind challenges our ego to release control for the moment. It's easier to practice meditation if you're in an environment that's conducive to a state of nothingness. A quiet, calm and peaceful environment facilitates deeper states of meditation quicker.

Imagine that you are meditating. The birds are chirping, you are breathing the fresh morning air deeply, and getting in the zone. Then, your neighbor starts their gas powered leaf blower and continues for half an hour. Doesn't this distraction become the real practice?

We cannot control peoples personalities, a business partnership that has gone bad, a relationship that no longer is working or acts of nature. We can only choose how we react to those situations. All the self improvement and spiritual books you have read only become valid when you put into practice what you have learned.

Shall I start the leaf blower?