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The Power of Catching ZZZZ

Napping has been a long tradition in many cultures. A power nap is a short 18 to 25 minute period that maximizes the benefit of sleep. Research has indicated that a short 20 minute nap can improve memory, reverse information overload and is refreshing.

What if you had the ability to 'power nap' one part of your business (biz-nap), what would that be? Potential areas may be places that are becoming stagnant, fear based or a struggle. Possible outcomes may be a refreshed perspective, inspiration, ease, new ideas and high performance.

You may be working with a difficult client and are struggling. Take a short Biz-Nap from the process. This gives you a temporary break that allows you to look at the situation from a different perspective. During this time, you may be able to look at the situation from an outsiders view point of view or choose to not focus on it at all.

How could you use a biz-nap to enhance your business?