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Lights Out

An interesting thing happens when the power goes out at night. A stillness blankets your home and community and the world comes to a rest. The busyness of the TV, computers and house phone becomes silent. It's amazing to see how attached we have become to the things that enable us to be more efficient yet also control our lives.

Our biggest fear becomes wondering if our food will spoil. The opportunity to really spend quality time together by connecting and actually talking to one another without distractions is overshadowed by the lack of electricity to the refrigerator. Food is important but if we looked closer, how much could have been tossed out months ago? How much of the food has passed it's expiration date? Is it really worth our energy to focus on something we cannot change?

How often do you find that your focus is on things that don't really matter, things that have no real value, that just keep us busy and do not increase our connection to others, our vision or our source of divine presence? How often do we focus on things that do not provide real value or things we cannot change?

Are the things that consume your time providing real value to your business and life? Real value gives you something to talk about when the lights go out!