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The Driver

As the end of 2010 nears, it is not only a great time to reflect on the year's events but also to challenge your thinking, to expand the boundaries of possibilities and to open the door to an Infinite Source.

Think about how your business or life would be different if the main driving force was Spirituality. Ask yourself the following questions:

1. How would your life change?
2. Would your level of stress go down and your happiness go up?
3. How would you view your current business relationships, friendships and future partnerships?
4.  How would you view money, bills and receivables?
5. Would Spirituality help you to be better in all areas of your life?
6. How would you incorporate Your Source of Divine Presence in everything that you do?

Being a leader is more than a title. It takes courage and integrity to be an innovator and ground breaker. If you are going to make a positive difference in this world, being  a part of the "status quo" is not acceptable.

Are you ready to rise to the leadership role of the highest consciousness?