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Lessons from an Antiquarian Book and Print Seller

This past weekend I met some very talented and interesting people. I was fascinated by one person in particular who was the owner of an antiquarian book and print shop. The items in her shop dated from the sixteenth through nineteenth centuries and she knew the facts and stories behind all the pieces, hundreds, if not thousands of them. She told me that it started as a hobby and grew from there. She also mentioned that she didn't limit herself to the physical store. She had an internet business and participated in fairs and shows throughout the West Coast. She could not rely on the walk in business alone.

My friend Don said something interesting as we walked by other businesses that were closed or were closing and shutting their doors for good. He said that if an antiquarian book store can make it in this economy, other businesses should be able to do the same.

He was right. She didn't just know her business, she knew it extremely well and conveyed passion every time she spoke. She also looked for other ways to sell the products in her niche and connect with those that were interested.

Are you a reflection of the antiquarian book store owner or the shop owner closing its doors?