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Is it easier to believe in someone else than it is to believe in yourself? Is it easier to champion someone than it is to be that champion?

Most people are givers. You serve others in the role of a parent, partner, spouse, employee, employer or business owner. Balance is important! In order to be the best you can be in any role, receiving is just as important as giving. Receiving may be in the form of compliments, self-acknowledgment, listening, ease and flow, abundance, financial success or spiritual guidance.

Fear is one of the causes that lead us down the path to self doubt. I'm not good enough, I'm too old, I should have....., It's too late, I'll wait until I retire, I am not worthy. Sound familiar?

One of the best ways of breaking through fear is by making sure your connection to your body, mind and Spirit are the best they can be.

Be Healthy:
Think about this - when you are sick, how creative do your feel? How inspired are you? How motivated are you?

Have an Open Clear Mind:
When something is bothering you, how effective are you in concentrating on other areas of your life?

Have Faith
Maintain your connection to your source of Divine Presence at all times and not just in times of challenge and controversy. Live with the knowing that everything happens in it's perfect time and place. Be grateful!

Maintaining these connections at optimal levels builds confidence. With confidence comes the belief that all things are possible. Believing in yourself ignites your brilliance!!!