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Live Your Legacy Now

Have you spent enough time on life lessons, on knowing what you don't want? Are you ready and willing to move forward in your life to get what you do want? Last week's blog was on believing and connecting to your true self.

This week is about taking action, moving beyond concept, theory and procrastination. The best ideas, plans and world changing products do not serve this world when they are kept to yourself. Talking about it serves your ego; doing something about it honors the Divine in you.

Faith is about believing in yourself and your source of Divine Presence; foolishness is jumping off a cliff without a parachute hoping you'll land on a soft bush. Create a vision of where you want to be and have a plan (road map) of how you plan to get there. Make it simple and something that works for you.

Chunk it down. Take one small step at a time. People often try to light a big log with a match. Start off with the kindling. What would your kindling be for your most outrageous, juicy vision?

Do Something, anything. Every day do something towards your vision. You'll be surprised how fast the little things add up.

Honor yourself. Do not compare yourself to others for better or worse. It really serves no purpose except to deceive you from reality.

Your voice is important in this world. You are worthy!!!