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Feeling Off

Last week was an interesting week. Going into the weekend starting with Friday was a little odd for no particular reason. It was a cloudy, drizzly day for a Washington summer and things just weren't lining up. The best way to put it is, I felt off. So off that the next day when I saw a friend pass by in his vintage Mercedes leaving the farmers market, I called him 'swiffy'. Well, there's no such word! I meant to say 'spiffy'.

We all have those days when we feel 'off' for one reason or another. Instead of trying to figure out who, what or why, give yourself permission to accept it for what it is.

Sometimes in our business and life, we roar at less than 100% and veer off track once in a while. It's natures way of righting an imbalance and signals us to slow down and enjoy the view along the way and to pay attention to the things that matter.

Interestingly, later that same weekend, I saw my friend and we talked about 'swiffy'. He too shared his stories of being 'off' on those same days.

So be patient with yourself and others. You never know when someone may be having an 'off' day.