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Who Wants to be a Millionaire- is a popular game show where a contestant has to answer questions. If they get stuck, they can get help with the aid of lifelines. The three lifelines are:

a. Ask the audience.
b. Double dip.
c. Ask the expert.

What if we were to use this concept for your business to help you move forward? Your choices would be:

a. Ask your customers. (Find out what their needs are; what is working; what they would like to see in the future)
b. Have a do over. (Revisit something you have done and make it better)
c. Ask an expert. (Include someone as part of your virtual team who has the expertise you need to make the difference)

Which one would you choose as your lifeline?

Sometimes businesses wait until it is too late, become reactionary and need a lifeline to survive. The key is to be proactive and to keep looking ahead, especially when things are going good. Whether you are an owner, manager or employee, reinvention should not occur out of necessity, but instead, out of inspiration.