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Who are you?

What would happen if you no longer could identify with your past? What if all the degrees, certificates, accolades, certifications and experiences became obsolete? How would you describe yourself to someone? Would the description of yourself be a reflection of who you have become or an image of who you were?

We often bring our past into the present to bring credibility to who we are and what we do. What can you provide to your existing and potential customers that is fresh, new and relevant to the current economy, their industry and your expertise?

How often do you hear someone who tells you the story that happened when they were a little kid about how many miles they had to walk to school through the snow and over mountains? What was your reaction? Although it may have been true, it usually isn't relevant to the current times now that we have bicycles, buses and modern transportation.

What is your story? What are your current beliefs, processes and programs? Are you so invested in your beliefs that you are unstoppable?

Living in the now is more than just the new age phrase of the day. It is a necessity that becomes your distinctive value that sets you apart from the those who try to copy your genius. The only obstacle stopping you from tapping into your brilliance is you resting on the laurels of your past success.

So, who are you?