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Could It Be?

When you see someone dressed in a suit and tie what impression do you get? When you pass someone in a dirty tee shirt with holes and battered shorts what are you thinking? When you see someone driving a Lexus, Mercedes or Porche what thoughts go through your mind? If someone from an old rusty sedan waves at you do you acknowledge them?

Could it be that the person in the suit and tie spent their last dollar on clothes for a job interview? Could it be the organic gardener in the tattered clothes who just passed you delivered the veggies to the store you buy from? Could it be the family who scrimped and saved to put their kids through college decided to splurge on their first new car? Could it be a wave from a complete stranger that wanted to make someone's day?

From the Business View
- You never know who is a decision maker. Treat everyone with respect and kindness.

From the Humanistic View - Everyone has a story and history. Accept them for who they are and not what you judge them to be.

From a Spiritual View - Welcome and acknowledge everyone as spiritual beings without the filters of your own preferences. There really is no separation.

How can you make a positive difference in someone's life today?